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The State of Texas is among the worst in the nation for uninsured and underinsured residents, with more than 4.3 million Texans - including 623,000 children - who lack health insurance coverage (almost 2 times the national average).

As your Representative, I am committed to expanding Medicaid coverage for all eligible families, promoting equitable access to women's health care and family planning services, protecting funding for essential programs and services for our most vulnerable populations, and addressing the shortage of health care providers by funding crucial post-secondary programs.


Community Safety

I am dedicated to working on policies that will improve all community members' lives by preserving their safety and wellbeing at all times. I support strategies to achieve more effective and efficient ways to prevent crime, terrorism, and targeted violence. At the same time, we must protect and respect the rights of all individuals in our community.


I believe that education is the foundation of a healthy and prosperous community. I am committed to fighting for equitable education for every Texas child, regardless of their family's socioeconomic background. We must reduce the pressures for educators to prepare students only for standardized tests but instead encourage individualized interaction to help all students to learn effectively. 

I will work to protect funding for programs geared toward early learning and make the possibility of a postsecondary education realizable for our community's youth.


Equality for ALL

As a proud LGBTQ+ Ally and member of the House LGBTQ Caucus, I am dedicated to working on the advancement of equal rights for ALL Texans to protect against unjust discriminatory practices under all circumstances.

Economic Revitalization

 As State Representative, I’ll work to strengthen the city and state relations and support economic incentives for local businesses in our border city. I will continue to champion efforts to revitalize El Paso’s economy and to have a vibrant downtown that helps subsidize services for residents throughout the city.  It is important to attract companies that pay it's employees higher wages in order to stop the brain drain and give our youth opportunities in our beautiful city.

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